Peak Performance Dance and Theatre School

 Established 30 years

Top Studio, Butts Rd, Bakewell, Derbyshire DE451GA

Tel: 07721 995050      Email: bakewelldance@gmail.com


                            Our team of highly qualified and experienced dance teachers and  theatre professionals offer over 20 classes per week, covering a full range of dance styles and techniques from the of age 3 and beyond.  


We are an IDTA and RAD mutually recognised school and offer option Ofqual recognised examinations and regular opportunities for small and large scale performances.

Established over 30 years ago, we are a registered IDTA  school, situated in the centre of Bakewell. Passionate about dance and theatre, we strive to inspire and motivate all our young people in a highly creative and stimulating artistic environment encouraging pupils of all abilities to benefit from a comprehensive Performing Arts curriculum.

Our school principal, Jill Ferguson has 40 years professional teaching experience and is a highly trained and qualified teacher of dance and performing arts. Jill has also worked extensively as a professional choreographer to theatre, television and cabaret. She is a life member of the international Dance Teacher’s Association and also a highly experienced teacher of children with special needs within the education sector.

Our long established dance school offer regular opportunities for performance work and we have produced over 20 major productions in professional theatres. We are also highly committed to our local community and perform for events, fundraisers and festivals. We perform annually in Bakewell’s highly acclaimed International Day of Dance.

Our first floor studios offer fully sprung dance floors and benefits from a small, private car park.

Dance Examinations are held at our studios with the IDTA and they are optional. We have 100% exam pass rate and over 70% of our pupils have achieved Distinctions or Merits.

Our subjects include:

Ballet . Tap . Modern Jazz . Contemporary Dance  .  Street Dance . Mini Movers ( for age 3-5s) . West End Musical Theatre and LAMDA Drama training. We also run Adult Dance Courses and holiday schools.

Professional dance training for all ages.
Junior tappers in On Broadway!


Teaching Faculty

Director and Principal Teacher: Jill Ferguson  MIDTA  AIDTA  Bachelor of Education.

Musical Theatre teachers Miss Sophie Lisi BA: Mr Chris Blackshaw; Mr Andrew Edwards AISTD Equity

Senior IDTA Teacher and Director of Contemporary Dance: Miss Rosalia Pilsworth   B.A Hons Dance

Director and Principal- Jilly Ferguson MIDTA B.Ed
Director of Musical Theatre and Boys Dance- Andrew Edwards ISTD Equity
Senior IDTA Teacher and Director of Contemporary Dance- Miss Rosalia Pilsworth B.A Hons Dance IDTA

Miss Sophie Lisi BA Performing Arts and Media

 2018 Timetable


Studio 1                                                                                    Studio 2

4.30 Grade 2 Modern Jazz                            4.30  Grade 1 Modern Jazz

5 .00 Grade 2 Ballet                                         5.00   G1 Ballet

5. 40 Grade 2 Tap                                              5. 40  G1 Tap

6 10- 6.40  Street Dance Crew Class! (ages 6 and up)



Studio 1

4.30 Contemporary Dance (age 10 plus)

5.00 Grade 4/5 Modern Jazz

5.30 Grade 4/5 Ballet (RP) including Pointe work

6.10 Grade 4/5 Tap

6.40 Performers Jazz Class (minimum grade 3 level)


Studio 1                                                                                  Studio 2

10 00 Mini Movers (age 3-5 years)

10 30 Beginners Ballet (age 5 – 7)                 Primary Ballet (age 7-9)

11 10 Beginners Modern (age 5 -7)                Primary Modern Jazz Dance (age 8+)

11 40 Beginners Tap (age 5 -7)                         Primary Tap (age 7+)

12.10 Musical Theatre – Songs and dances from the shows! (ages 6 and up)

12.40 Finish

Exciting updates

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2017 Timetable

2018 Timetable


Studio 1                                                       Studio 2

4.30 Grade 1 Ballet                              4.30 Primary Exam Ballet

5 .10 Grade 1 Modern Jazz                5.10  Primary Exam  Modern Jazz

5. 40 Grade 1 /2 Tap                                  6.10 Adult Tap!

Junior tappers in On Broadway!


4.30  Street/Jazz Dance (age 5-11)

5 .00  Junior West End Musical Theatre with Andrew Edwards (ages 6-12)

5.45 – 6.20  Pure Drama – Acting Class for ages 6-12.

LAMDA Drama tuition by appointment

Beauty and the Beast -Performed by our Musical Theatre class


Studio 1

4.30 Senior Contemporary Dance (age 13 plus)

5.00 Grade 4/5 Modern Jazz

5.30 Grade 4/5 Ballet (RP) including Pointe and foot strengthening practise

6.10 Grade 4/5 Tap

6.40 Senior Performers Class (minimum Grade 3 level)

7.10 Finish

Our Senior Tap group performing at the Pomegranate Theatre!


10 00 Mini Movers (age 3-5 years)

10 30 Beginners Ballet (age 5 – 8) 10.30 Primary Ballet (age 7-9)

11 10 Beginners Modern (age 5 -8) 11.10 Primary Modern Jazz Dance (age 8-10)

11 40 Beginners Tap (age 5 -8) 11.40 Primary Tap (age 7-9)

Teaching Faculty: Principal: Jill Ferguson MIDTA AIDTA B.Ed. Hons. Equity: Rosalia Pilsworth B.A Hons. Dance IDTA : Andrew Edwards AISTD Equity: Grace Downing B.A Hons Dance . Sue Stones Dip Drama.Equity.

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Email: bakewelldance@gmail.com

Phone: 07721 995050